Healthy soil microbiome is our only chance in sustainable food production

Targeted effective microorganisms are the answer to the future of sustainable farming

Our proprietary technology helps produce effective microorganisms-based fertilisers in a controlled and energy efficient manner. Our know-how in mixing various strains allows us to adjust them to particular climate, soil condition and crop requirements. We will enable farmers globally to grow more nutrient-dense food more efficiently and decrease the use of synthetic fertilisers. This will lay foundations for an improved soil system, clearer waterways and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe in nature’s strength and ability to recuperate. However, the stress the soil has been under in the past decades due to our race for constant improvements in the capacity of our food system is heart-breaking. The soil is losing ground in its battle against adverse effects of synthetic fertilizers and we want to reverse this course.


A true alternative to synthetic fertilizers

Nitroterra small size modular continuous  fermenters create mixtures of effective microorganisms that allow farmers to replace significant portion of synthetic fertilizers, saving them up to 30% of related costs

Application of targeted effective-microorganism mixtures enhances transfer of nutrients into crops and their resilience to sudden climate changes. It also improves soil texture and accelerates decomposition of crop residues, as well as certain toxic inorganic compounds.

Our proprietary technology for on-site production of targeted EM mixtures is based on continuous fermentation and capable of producing up to four different strains of EM in parallel. Its compact design (4-strain production line fits in a 2x2x2m cube), high energy efficiency (25 times lower energy off-take at comparable production capacity) and low manufacturing cost (approximately 50% more cost-efficient compared to conventional batch fermenters) makes our production line a unique, mobile, cost and energy efficient solution capable of high-volume production of customised organic fertilizers by farmers anywhere in the world.